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I created seedshare as a platform to share my thoughts on software development.

How do we create responsible and effective products? What drives value in software? Which design patterns will correlate with success? These are the kinds of questions in which I am interested. The purpose of this blog is to share experiential learning through loosely-coupled tech articles focused on software applications and news.


My name is Kevin Caravaggio; I am an enterprise developer with a background in supply chain systems for big retail. I started my career as an intern at Sears Holdings in Chicagoland. At the time, I was a college student at the University of Washington, studying hardware design. I was recruited during my internship as a software engineer at Sears. I worked remotely during the last two years of my undergraduate in Seattle, contributing to several large, real-world projects for order fulfillment and delivery optimization.

When I graduated from college, I took a promotion at Sears and continued to work remotely in a distributed team. After approximately six months, I left to join Lowe's Companies, Inc. where I am building industry-leading products in the supply chain space.

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